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Been there, done that… (a series)

The times are changing, the season is changing and my own time and season are changing. So, it feels like an opportunity to take stock of my years in the marketing and communications business, a cumulative inventory of experiences that can be better understood and shared with the objectivity of time and reflection. Or… how

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Ready for 2020?

Are your social media profiles ready for 2020?

The start of a new year is the perfect time to take a few minutes to review the details of your online business profiles and marketing material. Here are some suggestions on what to review and update. Your Professional Headshot Is your profile photo more than five years old? Then it’s time for a new

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EDG GGDC SDGQ Code of Ethics

CA14 supports adoption of common Code of Ethics by RGD, GDC and SDGQ

CA14 enjoys working with customers who understand the value added to professional marketing communications services when the team includes credentialed professionals. Tiziana Manierka, RGD and Peter Perko, RGD obtained their credentials following graduation from a recognized graphic design program by joining the Association of Registered Graphic Designers. Now their credentials have become increasingly valuable to

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21C Marketing Strategy and Tactics

21C marketing strategy and tactics offered by marketing service providers are out of reach for many Canadian small businesses. There is a way through Mentor Partnerships. A discussion paper By Grant Lee, CPM In my thirty years of marketing, I have witnessed the transition from 20th century to 21st century marketing strategy and tactics. Strategy

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Social Media Scams - drawing of a hand holding a phone

Social media scams

As our reliance on digital platforms has grown, so too has the capacity for those platforms to be used as a tool for scammers looking to steal your identity, money or whatever else they can benefit from. Most of the common online scams are well-known – the Nigerian email scam is the most cited example.

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