Group of small fish facing a large shark

21C Marketing Strategy and Tactics

21C marketing strategy and tactics offered by marketing service providers are out of reach for many Canadian small businesses. There is a way through Mentor Partnerships. A discussion paper By Grant Lee, CPM In my thirty years of marketing, I have witnessed the transition from 20th century to 21st century marketing strategy and tactics. Strategy

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Social Media Scams - drawing of a hand holding a phone

Social media scams

As our reliance on digital platforms has grown, so too has the capacity for those platforms to be used as a tool for scammers looking to steal your identity, money or whatever else they can benefit from. Most of the common online scams are well-known – the Nigerian email scam is the most cited example.

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Two women working together to motivate each other and succeed.

Understanding Motivation for Better Performance

Motivation is the quintessential thing that inspires people to want to do a good job. It is the fire that burns within, rather than the fire that sometimes needs to be set under a person. So, if you rely on others to “make things happen, get things done”, then your ability to motivate them is

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Northern Italian country side with flowers and the view of the mountains

Meditation in the Mountains of Northern Italy

Peace. Contentment. Balance.  These are all qualities that are desired to relieve the stress encountered in our busy lives today.  It is because of my search for these qualities that I recently found myself in a tranquil mountain setting in northern Italy.  My journey started almost thirteen years ago, when I found a flyer for

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Eric and Lysanne, his daughter, at the Ottawa Army Run

Step By Step

A few years ago my daughter, Lysanne, somehow persuaded me to take up running for the first time in my life. “It’s fun and you’ll feel great at the end,” she promised. I thought about it and decided if she cared enough to encourage me, then I should at least give it a try. On

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