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Wolff Autowerks - launching their new business to drive excellence.

Wolff Autowerks in Burlington, Ontario came to CA14 needing a corporate logo to represent the brand of the company, a website, content, and a professional photographer. There was a deadline for a spring opening of the new company, a full automotive service enterprise, and a dealer show. Scheduling work to meet the deadline and the client’s budget were key challenges of the project.

Since CA14 is a small business, its team of integrated marketing communication professionals rallied around the needs of owners Mark Wolff and Ernie Jakubowski, because they understood the urgency to launch and limitations set by the budget.

What made this launch special was the direct connection that Eric Doubt had to Mantis Automotive, one of his clients since 1980. The owner of Mantis, Ernie Jakubowski, had remained Eric’s client for 42 years, until Ernie sold Mantis and became a partner at Wolff Autowerks. A new relationship has been forged with CA14 through the decades of trust and collaboration with Eric, who is a founding member of CA14 and formerly president of Communication Associates.

Ernie and Mark entrusted the full business launch to CA14. As with any new business launch, expectations are high and have been met.

A couple of CA14 members are now loyal customers of Wolff Autowerks. Follow the company on LinkedIn.

Campaign Photography: scottdoubtphotography@gmail.com

CA14 of Halton Hills Moves into Film Production

That’s right, our well established, tried and trusted integrated marketing communications business has branched out into documentary film production. The first project is a labour of love for the blues and its sister genres, established and aspiring musicians and for the venues that support them, both commercial and underground.

The Juke Joint in Acton – A Blues Community traces the history and success of a local, off-the-grid, rural music venue and its relationship to the historic juke joints of the Old South and the myriad stages that host and promote local music everywhere. Two and a half years of mostly volunteer work, included shooting on locations, sourcing historic reference content, editing and fundraising, and now pulling in some specialized professionals to complete colour and sound mastering, then off to film festivals across the land.

And yes, the CA14 Team is responsible for the marketing and communications for the film. https://jukejointmovie.com/

"The Juke Joint in Acton has certainly played a huge roll in connecting music lovers with some of Canada's best blues and roots music artists. I love the strong sense of community that the film (The Juke Joint in Acton - A Blues Community) brings out. Music for all the right reasons!”
Holger Petersen
Holger Petersen
Host of ’Saturday Night Blues’ on CBC radio and founder of Stony Plain Records.

Helping boost local businesses in partnership with Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce

As everywhere, the COVID times have not been easy on businesses and their customers in Halton Hills. Melanie Frazer, Executive Director of the Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce foresaw a weakened holiday shopping season and an uncertain 2022 for the local economy and acted. She applied for and the Chamber received a substantial grant from the federal government to help small businesses survive, then thrive.

The Chamber coordinated an extensive ‘Shop the Hills’ media campaign with the Town of Halton Hills, Independent and Free Press, Business Improvement Areas in Acton and Georgetown and CA14, a long standing member and supporter, to help create and execute the campaign.
The CA14 team of Sue Walker, Lori McCabe, Peter Perko and Eric Doubt worked with HHCC member and photographer, Cody Gresswell, Canada Property Tours, to create a video starring local small business owners and staff.  CA14 also created online and printed promotional material that were seen through December and January. The campaign not only worked some magic but was a lot of fun. Elements of the campaign continue. 

Watch one of the video campaigns:

Shop The Hills
"The Chamber has always had a great relationship with CA14. Their dedication and enthusiasm for our Shop Local project was evident from out first meeting. We appreciated their creative approach and willingness to work with competing priorities and a short timeline. Thanks again to you all – it was a hard slog with so much work in such a short amount of time but you pulled it off with grace and smiles!?
Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce
Melanie Fraser
Executive Director
Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce

Superior Insealators - borders aren’t barriers to sealing the deal

Superior Insealators is a creatively named, leading, US mid-west business specializing in energy-saving, professional insulation, and air and water barrier systems for the built environment.

Their Canadian head of marketing is based in our community and when tasked to find a responsive marketing and communications firm had to look no further than the local Chamber of Commerce for a referral to an experienced B2B agency, CA14.

Our new US client was immediately upfront about their timely expansion plans and trade show deadlines. CA14 turned up the heat and delivered a new logo, brand elements and collateral based on a clean evolution of their corporate identity. A comprehensive new web site elegantly and seamlessly incorporated the core content of their previous two sites into one convenient, logical customer resource.

Deadlines and expectations met. Superior Insealators love Canadians and that’s a job well done, eh.

At CA14, borders of any kind are never barriers. We continue to serve clients here and in many countries with seamless remote communications that retain a personal, connected quality, even in these most challenging times.

CA14 Case Study-Superior Insealators
“CA14 has been able to take a complicated message and create something simple, easy to understand and appealing to each of the audiences being targeted. From graphic design to web site design they have ensured the brand message is communicated and positioned creatively and with consistency. There have been many “challenges” but their "can do" attitude always gives me confidence they will find a way to get it done – and well done!!”
Superior Insealators Logo
Betsy Cosper
Head of Marketing

ALTA - wanted better connections in their markets

A mature B2B right in our home town, specializing in the design and manufacture of high quality interconnect products and custom services, had grown up and wanted to show it. Alta Electronics, now Alta, keeps the electronics and electrical components of many industries plugged and playing. Their established and trusted image and messaging needed to reflect new products, services and international scope.

A brand audit was conducted to fully understand marketplace perceptions. The outcomes were used to evolve and refresh the corporate identity – bold, exciting, elegant. Greater familiarity with customers experiences and expectations helped fuel a web site redevelopment featuring the complete range of product and services to all their market verticals and a strong message that, “We Connect.”

Alta Electronics Inc Rebrand
"CA14’s professionalism, expertise and commitment to excellence were evident right from the get-go. Fully understanding our needs, our budget and our industry, they delivered an exceptional solution that fits perfectly with our corporate vision.”
Alta Electronics - We Connect
Peter Caulfield
Partner, Alta

AMVIC - building a brand system

Amvic Building System is a major B2B player in the building insulation market with their unique insulated concrete form product and ancillary line. We have worked successfully to integrate their marketing communications over several years.

Recently Amvic asked us to review, analyze and refresh their complete visual brand. Our design and creative team systematized new versions and variations of the company’s corporate identity, advertising, print promotion, catalogues and technical bulletins. Then, we were challenged with creating an ad campaign which would differentiate Amvic from a broad field of competitors. The results – Amvic stands out!

CA14 Case Study - Amvic Building Systems

Green Propeller - what’s in a brand?

Working with numerous professional services has got us thinking straight about differentiation. Green Propeller asked us to re-evaluate their brand and marketing. We felt that they were deeply committed to responsive design and responsible architecture.

We embedded the concept that green is not just a sector colour but a symbol of the company’s culture, character and commitment.  We reflected that in creating a refreshed brand, brand guidelines, a new website, collateral, team photography and social media coaching. It helped make the business feel, look and be different from competitors.

The Propeller Dialogues

As an expression of the company’s values, philosophy and culture, Green Propeller Design asked us to assist in extending their brand to include a forum consisting of a continuing series of information and opinion designed to give flight to new ideas that carry the seeds of change.

We developed the concept of  ‘The Propeller Dialogues’ named to identify with the corporate identity and to suggest conversations that would be stimulated by creating and curating relevant content.

A sub brand was created to stress the importance of the initiative to the company and its audiences, as well as a dedicated web page, blog and social media campaign.

Over time, the series will explore the role and influence of architects and their craft in delivering sustainable human structures that are socially and environmentally responsible.

Studio GLAS - The Colour of Interior Design

Additional work was commissioned to create a brand extension of the company as a specialization in interior design, one of core strengths of the business. 

Glās (/gloss/) is the Irish word for green, which represents the philosophy that some of the best designs are those that exist in and are inspired by nature, and are in unity with the natural world. This inspired a new name for a distinct division of Green Propeller Design, Studio Glās.

The idea for this division is rooted in the core philosophy that design can make a positive contribution to people’s lives, in a sustainable and responsible manner. This is reflected in the new Studio Glās logo, colours and corporate identity. The division has been launched with a separate but related web site and social media campaign.

CANstruction – The Shape of Social Responsibility

Recently Green Propeller Design committed to hosting a unique food and fundraising event –the first ever CANstruction® event in Halton Region, Ontario.

On November 20, 2020, architects, builders, designers, engineers and a host of construction industry companies across the region will compete to build impressive and creative structures out of food cans! This will be a highly creative endeavour that will make a significant contribution to local community food banks.

We helped to promote and facilitate the event on the web site with content, links and online registration.

CA 14 case study for Green Propeller Design
"CA+14 is unique in their integrated approach: Eric, Peter, Lori, and Sue each contributed significantly from their own expertise, but very collaboratively, and with a keen interest in customizing a marketing toolkit that reflects us as a firm"
Green Propeller Design
Marina Huissoon
CEO, Green Propeller Design

Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce springs to life

We have been members, supporters and volunteers of our Chamber for many years. We consider it one of the most useful organizations in the community both for businesses and the public.

They approached us to refresh and invigorate their signature community spring show. We developed a new name for the event with brand design and messaging, as well as signage, collateral material, ads, and social media assistance, along with participant and visitor surveys for their last two annual shows.

CA14 Case Study - At Home In The Hills
"Why we really like working with CA+14 is that they 'get it’. Their collective extensive involvement in the community meant that they understood the essence of what we were trying to do in rebranding. They were able to put their hearts and souls into our project to create a look and feel that resonates with our community."
Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce
Kathleen Dills
General Manager, Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Oksana Peredery, ND - a natural fit

Dr. Peredery is a naturopath who looked us up when she moved her practice to Halton Hills.

She was looking for assistance to achieve her objective of quickly creating awareness for her services and to connect with the Halton Hills community.  

Our small business launch team worked with Dr. Peredery to: develop new branding, corporate identity and collateral materials; develop her new website; coach her on using social media to engage the community; and ultimately grow her business.

CA14 Case Study - Dr. Oksana Peredery, ND
"The people at CA+14 laid a solid foundation for my business initiatives, offering clear direction and valuable strategies for success. Personable, professional and knowledgeable, CA+14 staff kept my ideas in mind while providing for my business needs in a timely manner. I would highly recommend CA+14 as an outstanding company to anyone starting a new business. "
Dr. Peredery ND
Dr. Oksana Peredery, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Some of the other organizations our team members have worked for: