We give our clients an integrated solution to support their brand, and their success.

Green Propeller - what’s in a brand?

Working with numerous professional services has got us thinking straight about differentiation. Green Propeller asked us to re-evaluate their brand and marketing. We felt that they were deeply committed to responsive design and responsible architecture.

We embedded the concept that green is not just a sector colour but a symbol of the company’s culture, character and commitment.  We reflected that in creating a refreshed brand, brand guidelines, a new website, collateral, team photography and social media coaching. It helped make the business feel, look and be different.

CA14 Case Study - Green Propeller Design
"CA+14 is unique in their integrated approach: Eric, Peter, Lori, and Sue each contributed significantly from their own expertise, but very collaboratively, and with a keen interest in customizing a marketing toolkit that reflects us as a firm"
Green Propeller Design
Marina Huissoon
CEO, Green Propeller Design

Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce springs to life

We have been members, supporters and volunteers of our Chamber for many years. We consider it one of the most useful organizations in the community both for businesses and the public.

They approached us to refresh and invigorate their signature community spring show. We developed a new name for the event with brand design and messaging, as well as signage, collateral material, ads, and social media assistance, along with participant and visitor surveys for their last two annual shows.

CA14 Case Study - At Home In The Hills
"Why we really like working with CA+14 is that they 'get it’. Their collective extensive involvement in the community meant that they understood the essence of what we were trying to do in rebranding. They were able to put their hearts and souls into our project to create a look and feel that resonates with our community."
Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce
Kathleen Dills
General Manager, Halton Hills Chamber of Commerce

Dr. Oksana Peredery, ND - a natural fit

Dr. Peredery is a naturopath who looked us up when she moved her practice to Halton Hills.

She was looking for assistance to achieve her objective of quickly creating awareness for her services and to connect with the Halton Hills community.  

Our small business launch team worked with Dr. Peredery to: develop new branding, corporate identity and collateral materials; develop her new website; coach her on using social media to engage the community; and ultimately grow her business.

CA14 Case Study - Dr. Oksana Peredery, ND
"The people at CA+14 laid a solid foundation for my business initiatives, offering clear direction and valuable strategies for success. Personable, professional and knowledgeable, CA+14 staff kept my ideas in mind while providing for my business needs in a timely manner. I would highly recommend CA+14 as an outstanding company to anyone starting a new business. "
Dr. Peredery ND
Dr. Oksana Peredery, ND
Naturopathic Doctor

Some of the other organizations our team members have worked for: