People sitting around a table talking

Do you hear what I hear?

How are your listening skills? I am not talking about just hearing what someone is saying, but really listening. I was recently reminded about how important listening is when writing some training materials on active listening for a sales audience. Generally we listen to gain or confirm information, however, the skill of active listening involves

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Trade shows

Tips for staffing an event booth

Staffing a booth at an event like a trade show or career fair is an effective and efficient way to deliver a consistent message to audiences by speaking directly to people, displaying compelling graphics, and distributing printed material that messages the audience directly. The challenge to most small businesses is fielding competent people to staff

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Email Signature & Business Card

Two easy and overlooked tactics to promote your business

Email In North America, email messaging remains a powerful communications medium and promotion activity. But have you ever taken your own email signature seriously? It is common for micro and small business entrepreneurs to send several email messages a day, completely overlooking the value of the signature to promote their company at no cost. An

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Give Gift

6 Tips for setting up a Loyalty Program

As businesses look forward to the promise of hope that a new year brings, they may need to adapt to customers whose shopping habits have changed as a result of the pandemic.  As we experienced shutdowns of non-essential businesses, many of us found different ways of shopping and discovered different brands that we continue to

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CA14 Team at a trade show in 2016

Online and offline marketing tactics best for small professional service businesses

CA14 team at the Home In The Hills Spring Show in 2016. Marketing small businesses using social media platforms, website blogs, e-newsletters, video, podcasts, and webinars can be enhanced by reinforcing online tactics with traditional offline methods. Marketing services for professional service providers such as engineering and planning companies, architects, industrial manufacturers, surveying companies, attorneys,

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