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Employees sitting around a table working

Successful Marketing Communication Plans Include Employees

For many organizations, including their employees in corporate marketing communication initiatives is not often considered,  however, some business examples suggest that it should be. The auto industry offers a great example.  This is an industry that spends a substantial amount of money on branding, advertising, marketing and promotions – all directed at consumers.  As a

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Business people of varying ages meeting around a table in the workplace.

Multi-Generational Motivation – What Could Go Wrong?

Everyone has a personal need to feel appreciated and valued.  Sometimes figuring out what employees need to have them feel appreciated, valued and therefore motivated, isn’t easy.  The workforce today is made up of people who potentially come from five different generations.  To make things complicated, each generation has distinctly different: Life influences, Work ethics,

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“Great” has become meaningless.

If you were to believe everything that anyone has said to you over the past day or week, let alone years, everything we do is great! According to the English language, we are all the same in actions and deeds. We have been assured by friends, family, colleagues and employers that all we do is

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Brampton Entrepreneurs CA14 Team Presentation

CA14 Team Connects with Brampton Entrepreneurs

On October 24th, CA14 team members were invited by Prince Khan, Business Associate, Economic Development & Culture City of Brampton, to present at their Entrepreneurs Connect event.  During a one hour presentation to an audience of 25 to 30 – largely micro and small-to-medium-sized businesses – the CA14 Team engaged attendees in a number of

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CA+14 has a new website

The CA14 website is flying high

Get on board with the CA14 team It’s been a year since our unofficial launch and 28 days since numerous guests, including the Mayor of Halton Hills, helped us celebrate our official opening at Williams Mill in Glen Williams on September 20. Our new space in Glen Williams is wired and equipped for online and

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CA+14 Moves to Williams Mill

CA14 moves to Glen Williams

Welcome Home! Just over two years ago, a group of people with similar values, work ethic and complementary talents came together.  The result of this integration forged CA14.  Since our humble beginnings, we have further distilled our purpose and have been able to provide a wider scope and depth of services for our clients. We

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Person hiding behind cardboard face cutout

Who can we believe anymore?

For the last few years I’ve been increasingly wondering about which sources of information are reliable. It’s all coming to a head these days, with the advent of “fake news,” which I’m sure will soon be fully adopted into the lexicon, if it hasn’t been already. Humankind has always grappled with the big questions regarding

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Hacker trying to get into your site

Is my site too small for hackers?

Many small or medium sized businesses think their website is too small to be hacked. Unfortunately, many find out that this isn’t the case. According to Sucuri, “In our analyses, we have found that it takes about 30 – 45 days for a new website, with no content or audience, to be identified and added

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team finalizing a sale

Selling Under the Microscope

Recently I booked a business coaching session with Wendy Hue of The Delfi Group; she’s a long term Chamber and community volunteer, and a good friend. So she knows me and also knows her business, backwards. Our focus was on the art of persuasion in business. You know… selling. So much depends on who you

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people getting ready to board a flight

There is more to it than Jet Lag

There is a new experience at work that affects the body and the mind. When traveling to other time zones and back on business, we are all familiar with “jet lag.” – a chronobiological problem where the body clock (circadian rhythm) becomes out of synchronisation with the destination time. Rhythms that dictate times for eating,

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