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Eric Doubt - Project Management, Creative Direction
Lori McCabe - Web Development
Kathy Majkut | Content Development, Copywriting
Peter Perko - Creative Direction, Design
Sue Walker - Social Media
Arthur Sciberras -Design and Art Direction
Tizi Manierka - Design and Art Direction

Team Members

Eric Doubt | Project Management, Creative Direction

Eric Doubt-Co-Founder, Business Development Director

Eric’s in-depth experience in marketing for the B2B, health care, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit sectors is the foundation around which the business was built and developed since 1994. As a creative and business development director, Eric sees to it that every client’s vision is executed with purpose, style and originality.

Eric has a long felt passion for Haiti, demonstrated through his philanthropic endeavours, and has developed a new excitement for running.

Peter Perko-Co-Founder, Creative Director

Peter has more than 20 years of experience as a graphic design consultant in both the public and private sectors, including government, corporate communications/marketing, the arts and education. As creative director Peter is often the spark of inspiration for the team during the process of developing concepts, visuals and campaign ideas.

Peter continues his creative pursuits off-hours as a digital fine artist and musician/songwriter. He has also illustrated two published books for children.

Grant Lee | Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Grant Lee-Marketing Strategies and Tactics

Grant is a Chartered Professional Marketer with project experience in Canada, USA, Philippines, Tanzania, China and Armenia. As a strategic thinker, Grant contributes detailed tactical planning and implementation to our team for our clients. Always engaged in continuing technical marketing education, Grant continues to seek knowledge that facilitates delivery of marketing products and services.

Grant is an avid angler who enjoys sportfishing in Ontario’s rivers, inland lakes, and the Great Lakes. In addition, he is a gardener, landscaper, and sport shooter.

Lori McCabe | Web Development

Lori McCabe-Web Development

For more than a decade Lori has been strategically designing, developing and launching web sites for clients in profit and non-profit sectors, across a variety of industries, including:  healthcare, residential and industrial construction, manufacturing and retail (e-commerce). She is passionate about keeping up with trends and technologies in the ever-changing world of web marketing for our team. Lori ensures our client’s web sites are fully integrated and consistent with their branding and marketing communications.

When Lori needs a break from technology, she likes to go on hikes and travel.  She is also a passionate baseball and hockey fan.

Sue Walker | Digital Media

Sue Walker-Social Media

Sue is an award-winning social media strategist and coach with 15 years of social media and digital marketing experience. She specializes in helping our clients better connect with their customers and prospects online with clear measurable results. Start-ups, professional services, and small national brands have all benefited from her hands-on approach.

Sue has a passion for food and travels. Travelling cross-country in a converted Sprinter van or winter holidays in Barbados are pursuits that keep her re-charged. 

Kathy Majkut | Content Development, Copywriting

Kathy Majkut-Content Development, Copywriting

Kathy is a senior communications professional with more than 20 years of experience in developing and writing content for a variety of communications, across a range of industries that include: automotive, retail, human resources and manufacturing. She brings to the team a depth of business experience and the ability to develop insightful and practical strategies to meet the needs and challenges of our clients.

Kathy is currently perfecting wonderful aromas and flavours while cooking Indian dishes. She credits her ability to “stay calm and carry-on” to an eastern style of meditation.

Tiziana Manierka-Art Direction

Tizi has more than 20 years of experience in graphic design and art direction, working for clients in industries such as: healthcare (pharmaceutical), food and beverage (beer, grocery), travel and HVAC. She is a resourceful thinker and master at problem solving layout and production issues that result in efficient and elegant solutions. Tizi’s aptitude for languages has also come in handy for our clients when working on multi-lingual projects.

Tizi is a “career volunteer” who also loves to cook and bake from scratch as well as preserve vegetables and sauces. She has been known to cook up a gourmet lunch for the team in the office toaster oven!

Arthur Sciberras | Design and Art Direction

Arthur Sciberras - Design and Art Direction

Arthur is a graphic designer with decades of experience in using art as a tool in communicating clear, targeted messages for our clients and their customers, across a varied range of industries, including: residential and industrial construction, healthcare (including the pharmaceutical sector) and high-tech. A pioneer in the integration of art and technology, Arthur firmly believes in the importance of using graphic design to enhance an organization’s brand.

Arthur’s love for artistic pursuits like photography or fine art keeps him grounded. 

Photo Credit and appreciation: Manny Martins, Marblue Photography