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For many organizations, including their employees in corporate marketing communication initiatives is not often considered,  however, some business examples suggest that it should be.

The auto industry offers a great example.  This is an industry that spends a substantial amount of money on branding, advertising, marketing and promotions – all directed at consumers.  As a result of these efforts consumers are excited and prompted to visit a dealership and learn more. When they arrive, they are sometimes met by a sales consultant or manager that hasn’t even heard about the latest initiative.  On the other hand, if the consumer enters a dealership where the initiative is known, understood and met by a sales consultant who is knowledgeable and enthusiastic, chances are a sale is likely.

Including employees in marketing and communication plans isn’t just for big corporations.  Take the example of a small fish market called Pike Place, located in Seattle, Washington.  Against all odds, they have achieved world renowned success and recognition – due in large part to including their employees. In the beginning, the business was struggling, employee turnover was high, attitudes were horrible, and the customers served were not inspired; some never came back.  Business was declining and they were going to have to shut their doors. 

So out of desperation company owners got together with their employees to discuss how they could prevent the business from going bankrupt.  Together they redefined success and created a vision for the future that everyone was involved with and committed to.  The Result is that the business started to grow – in fact it has grown 400% over 20 years! They now have over 10 million customers visiting their one little shop every year and corporations from all over the world come knocking to understand what they affectionately call their “Fish Philosophy”.

These examples demonstrate that when employees are included and understand an organization’s marketing and communication initiatives, there is a much greater opportunity for success.  When employees are included, they feel valued.  When employees feel valued, they will be motivated.  When employees are motivated, they tend to work harder, delight customers more often, sell with tenacity and stay with an organization longer. 

So, when developing your marketing communication plans, don’t forget your employees!  Even though your marketing message may largely be concerned with getting the attention of consumers, in order to deliver on those promises, employees need to be informed and engaged.

If you need assistance developing a marketing communication plan that addresses your business issues and includes your employees, we can help!  We are happy to share a coffee with you to discuss your needs and answer your questions. 

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