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A client approached me recently to write a business letter that had some intricate details regarding a transaction.  The letter was to be a follow-up to a previous letter that had been developed by lawyers and sent to a second party. 

I had a discussion with the client to get an understanding of the issues, what they wanted to say and how they wanted to say it.  Having what I thought was a good understanding of the issues, wrote a draft and sent it for review.

The client was pleased with the draft and told me I had understood the issues and, more importantly, correctly captured how they wanted to present their points.  Success!  However, it occurred to me, how could this be handled by one of the popular Artificial Intelligence (AI) programs? 

 I think the short answers is that AI would probably miss the mark – at least the way it operates today.  In general, there has been a lot of focus on what AI can do and not on what it cannot do. In this particular letter, there were many nuances and intricacies that needed to be communicated and would likely be missed by something drafted by an AI program.

 This was a good reminder, for me, that as we head down the path of automation, humans should not sell themselves short.  Sure, AI has its place, but may not be able to adequately replace the subtleties of human knowledge, interaction or understanding.

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