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Email Signature & Business Card


In North America, email messaging remains a powerful communications medium and promotion activity. But have you ever taken your own email signature seriously? It is common for micro and small business entrepreneurs to send several email messages a day, completely overlooking the value of the signature to promote their company at no cost.

An email message often ends with a name. That’s it. The expectation is the recipient will reply to your message and that is good enough. With a little knowledge about settings in the default email app you are using, it is possible to display your logo to help promote your corporate brand, let people know how to contact you by means other than email, where to find you on social media, your physical address and links to video messages and credentials.

The top default email apps are MS Outlook and Google’s Gmail. In both apps, go to settings and then options to find where you can edit your signature. It is easy to do and takes little time.

Promote your business by email signatures. Link logos, credentials, social media pages, and online stores. Do it now and let your digital signature promote your business. Oh, and don’t forget to sign every message and response! 

Example Email Signature

Grant Signature

Business | Calling Cards

Why do you carry soiled business cards with curled damaged corners with you? They are nothing short of embarrassing when digging one out to present to a prospect or repeat customer. Business cards are your personal ambassador, your short story. When you present one, you do it with respect, the same as when you receive one. Handing out a crumpled dirty card screams of unprofessionalism and begs the question “why would someone want to work with you if you disrespect yourself?”

Business cards are one of the least expensive means of promoting a business and its brand. Designed professionally, their messages are strong and the use of QR codes can quickly take a prospect to a website, video, or social media page that tells a story in detail. Cards should never lie hidden in a drawer or collecting dust on a desk. They are meant to be distributed widely and liberally. They have a story to tell that should not be stifled through disinterest or forgetfulness of the owner.

If you have overlooked the business or calling card, or letting the ones you have grow roots, it is time to dig them out, dust them off, remove the tattered ones from your wallet and replace with clean shiny ambassadors of your business. Whenever opportunity presents, let them do the talking when you are not present!

Example Business Card

Business Card
Picture of Grant Lee, CPM

Grant Lee, CPM

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