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Forest with leaves changing to fall colours of orange and red.

We blinked and now it's Fall!

The days are getting shorter - in more ways than one!

Many people we speak with seem to say the same thing… “I’m just so busy!”

The reasons are many. Lack of staffing, projects that were stalled during COVID have resurfaced and new business opportunities that have been created because of the pandemic. Add to the mix more in-person meetings, travel time, and more social obligations (both personal and professional). Factor in time for kids, school, and volunteer work – it’s hard to squeeze it all in!

One of the trendy solutions to being overly busy is “Quiet Quitting”. Although it sounds tempting it’s impossible if you’re a business owner. 

In fact, when you’re busy, it is a good time to review your marketing to ensure it is relevant. If you are short on time, CA14 can help alleviate some of your marketing workload with a seasonal update or, if required, a complete brand refresh. 

Eric, Peter, Grant, Lori, Sue, Kathy, Tizi, & Arthur
The Team at CA14